Are Settlements Today the Way to Justice?

I have been in the field for too long to know when justice is being served the right way and when justice is being served just to shut somebody up. Case in point, I remember a case of medical malpractice a couple of years ago that my firm and I handled. The client, the deceased patient’s wife, sued the hospital because she believed that her husband’s death was due to negligence and complacency. Naturally, we wanted the hospital to fire the doctor and make them lose a lot of their privileges as a hospital because the evidence already proved their mistakes.

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Somehow, a settlement was made to pay up for the damages (amounting to millions of dollars) for our client. She reluctantly agreed to it, even though we counselled against it. not long after that, the hospital was sued again for malpractice. This time it was another client and another firm that handled it, but news from our local sources say that the hospital paid up a huge amount of money to keep everything a secret. The client agreed to millions of dollars in settlement and the hospital carried on again. I have yet to hear about any medical malpractice case from them.

If you don’t like to settle, work with our firm. We make sure that you get the justice that you deserve, and the justice that you deserve is not convertible to cash.

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