Blackmail and Bribery


Lawyers in the movies are portrayed as people who take dirty money to somewhat “manipulate” the justice system in their client’s favours. To some extent, there’s a dark truth being exposed by this stereotypical assumption. 10 years ago, I had a law school classmate of mine who was working for one of the biggest firms in the state and he was known for being cutthroat and ruthless. He got results and he got the job done. Going against him was like going against Mike Tyson in a boxing match.

He was indicted of bribery through a buy-bust operation after he was a counsel for a known gangster in the state. It sounds straight out of a movie, but it was revealed that he paid off clerks and judges and acted as his client’s representative. He made the mistake of being too obvious so the FBI sent in one of their own as a clerk and when he paid that clerk off, he was busted. Thankfully, he spent a few months in jail and was saved by being offered as a state witness instead. I haven’t heard from him since.

What does this tell us? It just means that lawyers are good and bad. You just have to make the decision as to what kind of lawyer you will be.

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