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Three Keys to Success in Legal Matching

Business coupleLegal matching allows the client to choose the attorney. The claim is open until a limited number of attorneys respond. The client receives the attorney responses and then chooses the attorney who offers the best response.

The best lawyer response involves different factors. Some factors, like non-negotiable fees and location, may turn a client away and nothing can be done to avoid it. However, there are three factors that attorneys can focus on to ensure the best chances at securing a client.

1. Quick Response

A fast response shows that you are attentive to your clients needs. The prospective client will appreciate and respect a fast response and will be more likely to choose you as their attorney because of it.

2. The Right Tone

Lawsuits usually involve a difficult personal or business situation. Many clients want an attorney that recognize their unique and difficult situation. As an attorney, you should listen, have sympathy, and be honest with the client. This should be a given, but it is important to remember to provide the right tone when you contact a client.

3. Applicable Experience

The most persuasive response to a client’s inquiry explains your professional experience with similar legal problems and what you can do to help. If appropriate, it is helpful to explain the results you have achieved for clients with similar situations. It is also useful to provide your website and/or an attorney feedback/rating system for more information.

Attorney-client matching can be a great legal advertising resource, but you have to make sure you market your services effectively.