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What to Do When You Face DUI Charges

DUI case

Did you know that every hour, someone dies in a drunk driving car crash? The number even goes up to 24 to 27 people each day. This is because a lot of individuals would party so bad and drink a lot of alcohol that they tend to forget that they are in serious risk of getting into an accident if they drink and drive, or they can face a misdemeanor charges if they get caught! According to surveys, an individual gets away with driving under the influence of alcohol for about 80 times when they caught.

Everyone would feel invincible at some point if you drive all those 80 times without getting caught. What happens if you get caught driving under the influence of alcohol? Can you afford to panic? Can you just get away with it? You sure won’t! This is when you will need the assistance of a top Los Angeles DUI attorney from Los Angeles DUI Pros! If you are found guilty of DUI and it’s your first offense and you happen to have no other offenses on record, then you are facing misdemeanor charges. You may be required to attend an alcohol and drug rehab program from three to nine months, you can pay up to a maximum of 1,800USD in fines, you can get your license suspended for less than a year, get DUI probation for 3-5 years and the worst part is, you can spend 48 hours to 6 months in jail! Well, everyone would have a problem with all the punishment you will get for DUI but spending time in jail will surely cause embarrassment especially if you’ve been pushing to maintain a clean reputation. This is the time where you need to call your attorney to assist you so you can get lighter penalties. Of course, if you don’t have time to call for an attorney, you’d be assigned an attorney for your DMV hearing.

But if you want to make sure that every paper work would be attended to and if you want to have a higher chance of getting a shorter sentence, then you would be better off getting the best Los Angeles DUI Attorney! If you want to have lighter sentences, then you should call a Lost Angeles DUI attorney from Los Angeles DUI Pros today! They have a wide experience in handling DUI cases and would be able to help you get a better sentence! Call them for a free assessment today!